Western Cape ANC’s Marius Fran

Western Cape ANC’s Marius Fransman resigns

The Western Cape’s controversial ANC chairman has resigned as a member of the provincial legislature, on the same day a High Court ruling upheld an order for Fransman appear before Scopa for financial mismanagement charges.

Western Cape ANC’s Marius Fran

Fransman, who’s limped from scandal to scandal was due to appear before the Western Cape Provincial Legislature’s Standing Committee on Public Accounts (Scopa); in relation to a report by the Auditor-General pointing to financial mismanagement.

He was due to answer to Scopa alongside a colleague of his, Pierre Uys, but back in 2014 both of them walked out of the meeting intended to figure out why, under their leadership, the ANC Provincial Government had spent billions on outsourced consultants.

Fransman and Uys tried to have the matter squashed in the High Court, to no avail. The Western Cape ANC also want disciplinary procedures against him pushed along.