Western Cape school admissions for 2025.

Western Cape school admissions for 2025 are opening in 10 days. Image: Pixabay

Western Cape: 2025 school admissions opening soon

Exciting news! The 2025 school admissions in the Western Cape are just around the corner. Ensure your child’s spot by preparing early.

Western Cape school admissions for 2025.

Western Cape school admissions for 2025 are opening in 10 days. Image: Pixabay

As anticipation builds for the start of school admissions in the Western Cape for the 2025 school year, parents and guardians are gearing up for the upcoming process.

With the admissions window scheduled to open soon, it’s essential for families to prepare accordingly.

Western Cape school admissions: Grade 1 and 8 applications open soon

The admissions window for Grade 1 and 8 applications will commence on Monday, 11 March, and close on 12 April. During this initial phase, only applications for these grades will be accepted.

However, parents interested in Grade R or transfers between schools for other grades can expect a later admissions window, from 1 August to 16 August.

“We appeal to all parents and guardians with children entering Grade 1 and Grade 8 next year to please start gathering and certifying the necessary documentation required for their applications, so that they are ready to apply when the admissions window opens,”

Western Cape Education

To streamline the application process, it’s advised for families to prepare the required documents in advance. These include:

  • The last official school Report Card
  • Proof of identity:
  • ID, Birth certificate, or passport of the learner,
  • In the case of a foreign learner: a passport, or a study permit or proof of application for a study permit, or a copy of the parent’s Asylum seeker or Refugee Permit
  • OR A police affidavit if these documents are not available
  • Immunisation card (Road to Health Chart) [Primary Schools only]
  • Proof of Residence (Rates account, Lease agreement, an affidavit confirming residence)

Support venues across all education districts will be available to provide assistance for those in need, including those without internet access.

Boost in school infrastructure funding

Recent developments in school infrastructure funding have provided a boost to the education sector in the Western Cape. With additional allocations received, authorities aim to enhance school infrastructure and accommodate the growing student population effectively.

As the admissions window draws closer, the Western Cape encourages parents and guardians. Prepare diligently to ensure a smooth and successful application process for the 2025 school year.