Which five American states hav

Which five American states have the most similar weather to South Africa?

If you’re planning on moving to the US, you might want to consider the weather before deciding where to go.

Which five American states hav

If you want to move to the States and are not bound to any particular city or state, read what the experts at The Law Offices of Grant Kaplan have to say about which states’ weather most closely matches South Africa’s.


South and Central California boast some of the most pleasant temperatures year-round in the world. With a recorded 73% sunshine in places like Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, you might want to try and job-hunt here if you’re looking to replicate South Africa’s sunshiney days.


For sun, sand and sea, Hawaii is hard to beat. And if you’re into surfing and other water sports, Hawaii might be the ideal place to put down roots. Because it’s a series of islands, you may feel slightly more isolated than if you were on the mainland, but that might also be right up your alley.

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Texas is hot and sunny for much of the year, but, like parts of South Africa can experience slightly cooler climes in winter, and even the occasional (and much-celebrated) snowfall.


Although October to April is when you will experience the most temperate climate in Arizona (Tucson in particular), most of the year you can expect dry, sunny weather with a remarkable 85% year-round sunshine rate.


With beautiful beaches, a close proximity to Disneyworld, and warm winter temperatures, Florida is very similar in many ways to Durban. It has a healthy dose of rainfall as well as lovely warm temperatures all year round.

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