weapons organiser

A weapons organiser shares details about the assassination industry. Image via TikRTok @_mncwabe

Weapons organiser shares insider info about assassination industry

‘I don’t work alone. You’re not John Wick’: A weapons organiser openly spoke to a journalist about the corrupt world of assassinations.

weapons organiser

A weapons organiser shares details about the assassination industry. Image via TikRTok @_mncwabe

During an episode of Trafficked, looking into the world of assassins in the country with journalist Mariana van Zeller, an alleged weapons organiser claims that some of the South African police are allegedly corrupt and allegedly occasionally provide them weapons.


Concealed from head-to-toe, a mysterious weapons organiser can be seen seated in front of the journalist. When asked why he arrived late to the interview, he reveals that he was held up at a police station where he recently had a meeting with a corrupt cop about a gun.

“Say they arrest you with a gun today, that gun, they are going to sell to a guy like me,” the weapons organiser shares.

He then shared that he had allegedly bought over a dozen guns from the police. “There is always a killing that needs to be done. Every day, somebody needs to die. Whether drugs, taxis, [or] even politics now. It’s busy. Constantly, people need to die, ” he said.

When asked about how he got into the industry, the mysterious man reveals that he went to college but had a hard time finding work afterwards.

“It was very hard to find work. When there’s no money coming in, then you mix yourself up with people selling drugs. You’ll be like a hitman for the people selling drugs, “ he continued.

The weapons organiser also shared that if the hit is worth R100 000, then he can get roughly R25 000 to R30 000. “I don’t work alone. You’re not John Wick. You need backup,” he added.

When asked to confirm whether or not the police know anything before a crime is committed, the weapons organiser claims that they allegedly do in most cases. “Most of the time, they know. If you have police under your payroll, they’ll do as you say,” the criminal said.

weapons organiser
Bheki Cele was interviewed on the show ‘Trafficked’. Image via TikTok @_mncwabe


The Minister of Police, Bheki Cele, also availed himself for the interview with the journalist. He didn’t deny that there are “corrupt” and “dangerous” police in the system.

“It would be unfair to say that the government is not fighting back,” Cele said. “South Africa has a very high degree of murders, but there are many of them that have been prevented from being hits… Unfortunately, those stories don’t make their way to the media,” the Minister added.