Helicopter Crash Vaal Dam

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Watch: Harrowing footage of fatal Vaal Dam helicopter crash surfaces

Sensitive viewers might want to avoid this one: A video clip of the tragic Vaal Dam helicopter crash has made its way online – raising further questions.

Helicopter Crash Vaal Dam

Photo: Facebook

Two people have been confirmed dead, with the same presumed for their pets, after they were onboard a helicopter that crashed into the Vaal Dam on Friday. The bizarre and tragic incident left the authorities perplexed, but the emergence of video footage may now help investigators piece things together.

Latest updates from the Vaal Dam helicopter crash

Over the past 48 hours, we’ve received a set of updates on this particular case. The flight itself was only meant to be a short journey, but neither the pilot nor the passenger was able to reach their due destination.

  • Bodies of the deceased were taken into the care of Gauteng Government Health Forensic Pathology Services.
  • The helicopter was en route from Rand Airport to the Vaal Dam with a Johannesburg-based pilot and his sisters.
  • Two dogs on board are also presumed to be dead, although their remains haven’t been found yet.
  • An investigation has been opened by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) – and police have opened an inquest docket.
  • Footage of the crash has now surfaced online, showing the last moments of those on the helicopter.

[SENSITIVE CONTENT] – Watch the Vaal Dam helicopter crash here

Bodies recovered from downed chopper

Without any official confirmation of what caused this accident, speculation has been rife. Richard Maier, a veteran pilot based in South Africa, suspects that the pilot came down with a ‘medical issue’ before crashing. This, however, remains unverified. Meanwhile, the NSRI revealed that one individual rowed out to the crash site to try and help on Friday.

“Just after 18:00 on Friday, 14 May, NSRI Vaal Dam duty crew were alerted to reports of a helicopter accident on the Vaal Dam. ARCC (Aeronautical Rescue Coordination Centre) multiple emergency services. On arrival on the scene, near to the Vaal Marina, 200 meters off-shore, a Robinson R44 helicopter was found to have ditched in the Vaal Dam.”

“A bystander, using a rowing craft, had recovered an adult female from the wreckage and sadly she was declared deceased by paramedics. A Police Dive Unit, assisted by NSRI, scuba-dived on the wreckage and recovered the body of an adult male believed to be the pilot and sadly he was declared deceased by paramedics.”