Uber drivers bombing

Watch: Uber drivers fearing for their lives as two Ubers petrol-bombed in Joburg [video]

These two Uber drivers have been left fearing for their lives after their cars were petrol-bombed on Thursday night. The Uber vs Metered Taxis dilemma.

Uber drivers bombing

The latest Uber attack On Thursday night has been described as a “war zone” in Sandton.  Uber drivers fought back after seeing two of their drivers lucky to escape unharmed after their vehicles were petrol bombed.

Police were then forced to block off roads in Sandton outside the Gautrain station in an attempt to separate metered taxi and Uber drivers. TimesLIVE reports that people believed to be Taxi drivers were brandishing guns and more petrol bombs. Uber drivers then went on the hunt for metred taxis, one was set on fire too.

The Uber drivers who escaped their petrol bombed vehicles revealed that the taxi drivers pulled them from their vehicles silently, all before throwing the bomb into the car.

These attacks are the latest in what has been a series of attacks on Uber drivers in the province over the last year. Metred taxi drivers say they are fed up with Uber “stealing” the majority of their customers. They also say they cannot compete with the prices that Uber offers.

Check out TimesLIVE’s video of the attack below.