Two armed men rob hair salon. / Image via: Facebook.

Watch: Armed man in Springbok jersey, with accomplice, robs hair salon

The Facebook page Dala U Crew posted a video on Wednesday 27 November 2019, of two armed men robbing a hair salon and it’s customers.


Two armed men rob hair salon. / Image via: Facebook.

A video of two armed men robbing a hair salon and its customers has been making its rounds on social media, after the Facebook page, Dala U Crew, said to be the voice, eyes, and ears of South Africans, posted it on Wednesday 27 November 2019. 

One detail everyone can’t seem to ignore is the fact that one of the robbers was wearing a Springbok jersey. 

Hair salon and customers robbed 

It appears as though the video was taken as CCTV footage from inside the store. 

During the robbery, two men can be seen walking in, showing their guns to the employees and customers. 

At this time, there are two men getting their hair and beards groomed and there are two children on the couch, waiting for one of the customers. 

The robber in the Springbok jersey takes the customer’s phones, while the other robber continues to stand in one place showing his gun. 

The two children appear to be in distress and highly distraught once they realise what is taking place. 

The eldest child walks over to what appears to be his father and puts his arms around him. 

Eventually, the two robbers can be seen leading the customers, the children, and the employees through a door, while they stay behind to find any other valuables in the salon. Nobody was harmed. 

Facebook reactions to the robbery 

Since Dala U Crew posted the video on Wednesday, the post has had 148 000 views, 641 shares, and 408 comments. 

Some of the comments to the video said: 

“The poor child needs counseling, he is so traumatised.”

“With a springbok jersey nogal and they say proud South African, wake up.”

One user appeared to be extremely angry, saying: “Satan…And this ladies and gentleman is the future. Well done those who voted ANC.”

In response to that comment, a user said: “So you mean to tell me the ANC is what made those people get up and decide to rob a barbershop? you can’t be serious…You do know it’s okay to not comment on a post, let some things pass you.”