Land expropriation gwede mantashe

Gwede Mantashe – File photo

Watch: That moment when Mantashe said no ANC member will support a motion of no confidence [video]

Gwede Mantashe has backtracked just a bit.

Land expropriation gwede mantashe

Gwede Mantashe – File photo

Despite being full of pomp last week, it seems that Gwede Mantashe had been put firmly in his place by the ANC NWC this week. Mantashe was one of the first people to criticise the rogue cabinet reshuffle which last week reignited calls for president Jacob Zuma to step down.

But a press briefing on Wednesday was a bit of a damp squib. Not that anyone familiar with politics would have expected much different.

The NWC basically said: hell no, he won’t go and Matashe reiterated that the ANC follows a party system which will not allow any member to support a motion of no confidence.

Watch for yourself here.

At the briefing, Mantashe reiterated the concerns over the cabinet reshuffle, saying: “The [cabinet reshuffle] list was compiled somewhere. The list was given to us. We didn’t discuss it. We don’t know where it was compiled, we didn’t discuss it. That’s why we raised the big issue of lack of consultation on the matter.”a

The Daily Maverick also noted the following:

Despite its apparent show of support for Zuma, it is perhaps telling that the NWC refused to wholeheartedly endorse the president’s continued stay at the Union Building, and its statement concluded on an intriguingly open-ended note: “The ANC has reflected on the calls by the SACP and Cosatu amongst others for President Jacob Zuma to resign from his position as the President of the Republic of South Africa. The NWC resolved that the officials and members of the NEC must continue to engage with Cosatu, SACP and civil society on this matter.”

In short, then, Zuma has won this round, but… there could still be a but.

Ahmed Kathrada’s Cape Town memorial is due to take place tomorrow and Pravin Gordhan is due to speak… considering how politically charged these services have been, tomorrow will be pretty interesting.