Photo: Screenshot from video.

WATCH: ‘South African’ gang threatens Birmingham family

‘F**k with us again and we’ll kill you and your mother and your father. This is how we do it, my man.’ The British media claims the gang making the threats is from SA.


Photo: Screenshot from video.

The West Midlands Police are reportedly investigating a series of threatening videos made by a supposed South African gang against a rival’s family in Birmingham, England.


According to iTV, there are four videos. Two of which have gone particularly viral. The first is a recording of the alleged gang members threatening their rival and his parents; the second shows a man with a British accent claiming to be outside the rival’s parents’ house in Birmingham.

“We’ve been made aware of the videos and are making enquiries in a bid to try and identify the source to understand and mitigate any potential threat,” said the West Midlands Police in a statement, according to iTV.

In the first video, a masked man – flanked by four others – says “you think we can’t get you? We are all over the world.”

“Even in England we can get you, my man,” said the man while the two closest to him brandish guns.

The men in the video never say that they are from South Africa. However, the British media is attributing the following quote, “Let me tell you something about us here in South Africa man. We don’t play, we kill,” to a man in a ‘video of five masked gang members making threats.’

He then shows a cellphone to the camera and says it is the home of the parents of the person he is threatening.

“F**k with us again and we’ll kill you and your mother and your father. This is how we do it, my man.’

In the second video, a gunman claims to be sitting outside the parents’ home in Birmingham.

“Yo, bro I’m here. I’m outside the yard, I made it to Brum. I’m really out here with the ‘ting’ right now. Just waiting for your green light to knock on the door and light up whoever it is.”

According to iTV, there is not thought to be a South African gang presence in Birmingham.