WATCH: Ronnie O’Neal not sorry

WATCH: Ronnie O’Neal not sorry for killing girlfriend and autistic daughter

The trial has come to an end! After being given a chance to address the court before his sentencing, Ronnie O’Neal expressed no remorse for murder of child and girlfriend.

WATCH: Ronnie O’Neal not sorry

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The case against Ronnie Oneal III gained national attention, not just because of the cruel nature of the crime, but also some of the antics he pulled in court and the utter lack of remorse, for killing his girlfriend, Kenyatta Barron and their nine-year-old disabled daughter Ron’Niveya.

‘I’m not sorry I killed my child & girlfriend,’ man tells judge

Their eight-year-old son Ronnie managed to survive the attack and was a key witness at trial, Fox 13 News reported.