hyde park rolex

Photo: @crimeairnetwork / TW

Watch: Rolex gang corners victims, gold and cash taken [video]

The hit bears the markings of the Rolex syndicate.

hyde park rolex

Photo: @crimeairnetwork / TW

Johannesburg police are in search of a grey Toyota Corolla with the registration plates, JF7 0DR GP, that is linked to a Rolex robbery that took place outside a residence in Hyde Park, on Sunday afternoon.

Watch: Is this another Rolex gang hit?

Surveillance footage showing the moment a motorist driving a white vehicle was cornered outside a residence in Hyde Park was released on social media.

In it, two armed men could be seen jumping out of the grey Toyota Corolla that had parked immediately behind the white vehicle. The suspects rushed to both front doors with their weapons drawn.

At that point, viewers can clearly see that there was nothing the victims could do but oblige and hope that their lives will be spared. Not much can be made out of the items the suspects got away with but popular crime reporter, @crimeairnetwork, indicated that a Rolex, ring and cash were stolen.

Moments after the suspects make off with the items, two men were seen getting out of the vehicle, visibly distressed and amazed that this happened in broad daylight.

What we know about the perps

The details around the robbery are sketchy at the moment. The police in Hyde Park have yet to confirm if this incident is tied to the Rolex gang, a syndicate of armed robbers who target victims that own the designer watch.

Moreover, at the moment, the only forensic evidence investigators have, that we know of, is the getaway vehicle’s registration number. While it is still early in the investigation, the registration number can easily be used to track down the owner of the vehicle.

The problem, in this case, is that it would be a little trickier if it turned out that the vehicle used in the robbery was stolen.