Watch: Robbers smash their way

Watch: Robbers smash their way into Incredible Connection store at Mall of Africa [video]

These criminals have absolutely no shame.

Watch: Robbers smash their way

Look, we know criminals in South Africa go to extreme lengths to commit crimes, mass poverty together with insufficient policing has meant that most South Africans are sadly forced to accept crime as being a norm in their lives.

At the Mall of Africa in Joburg, the Incredible Connection store fell victim to a group of brazen criminals. CCTV footage from the evening of the 31 March shows men smashing through the door of the store at 21:30. The men can be seen lingering in the mall for a while outside the door before they began breaking in, throughout the whole ordeal there was no sign of mall security.

Nine men can be seen breaking into the store, one man kept watch and another even went to get a trolley to help carry the loot. The other men ran around the store ripping laptops and cell phones from display cases, at one point one of the robbers’ bags break sending some laptops crashing to the floor and even breaking some of them.

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A representative from Mall of Africa spoke to My Broadband about the gang and some of the other stores they have targeted.

“At this time we have no further information from either the SAPS or the store, but we continue to work closely with them,”

“While investigations and related follow-up activities around this incident will continue for as long as possible, the store will continue to trade as usual.”

Thankfully though, there were no staff inside the store or any onlookers that the robbers could hurt in any way. No word yet on the value of the stolen items.