r, kelly protests

Watch: Protesters clash with R Kelly fans outside singer’s notorious studio [video]

R. Kelly’s scandal has divided fans of music, globally.

r, kelly protests

Since the airing of Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly docu-series, the Chicago native singer’s dark and disturbing skeletons have been laid bare. The revelations made in the documentary have caused an outcry from the global music community as people demand that he be ‘cancelled’ (ostracised from the industry and face criminal charges).

The women who featured in the documentary have been hailed for their bravery. Based on their account of how they were treated by the singer and other allegations made against him, it would seem that R. Kelly is not the person the world has revered as an icon for many decades.

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The same man who made classic songs like I Wish, I Believe I Can Fly and Step In the Name of Love, has been accused of engaging in sexual relationships with minors, psychologically abusing fragile women and operating a sex cult.

Suriving R Kelly: singer’s dark skeletons laid bare in docu-series

The documentary revealed his recording studio in Chicago as one of the homes of girls he has brainwashed and held hostage.

In the last part of the six-part docu-series, we were introduced to Alice and Angelo Clary, the parents of 21-year-old Azriel who is rumoured to be held at the recording studios.

The Clarys met R. Kelly when Azriel was aged 17. The last time they claim to have seen her was when they had allowed her to travel with the singer on tour as a prodigy.

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Four years later and they have not seen or heard from their daughter. On Saturday, hundreds of protesters picketed outside the studios, demanding that R. Kelly get justice for the wrongs he has done.

However, they were met with resistance and the video below shows R. Kelly’s supporters clashing with the protesters in his defence.

Watch: Protesters clash with R Kelly fans outside studio