Tshwane police

Photo: Yusuf Abramjee

Watch: Tshwane cops filmed ‘brutally assaulting’ suspect

Did these cops cross the line? The internet is up in arms about this viral video from Tshwane, which shows officers manhandling a suspect.

Tshwane police

Photo: Yusuf Abramjee

How far is too far? Well, we might have our answer here: Several officers from the Tshwane Metropolitan Police Department (TMPD) are now under investigation, after they dished out a severe beating to a crime suspect. The incident was captured on film and has sent shockwaves across social media.

Claims of police brutality split social media

In the clip, we see officers drag the male over a low wall. Once he is wrestled to the ground, one officer uses an open palm to whack the suspect across his head, and then hits him in the back as he’s bundled into the van. The jarring footage has caused an enormous debate online, with some defending the cops – and speculating about the actions of the suspect.

However, this doesn’t make the incident any easier to watch. The casual nature of the brutality isn’t the best look for the Tshwane division, and the officers in question now face a period of uncertainty over their future.

Watch: Tshwane cops assault a suspect

Tshwane authorities want to speak to the man in the video

TMPD spokesperson Isaac Mahamba has confirmed a number of details related to the video. The probe into the officers’ conduct has already got underway – but the man who was ‘assaulted’ in the video did not make a formal complaint.

Mahamba’s department have taken the unusual step of asking the alleged victim to make himself known to the authorities, so they can press ahead with a full and frank investigation based on his testimony.

“The Tshwane metro police department is conducting internal investigations regarding the video. However, no complaint has been formally lodged in relation to the video. We request the person who seems to be assaulted on the video to come forward for obtaining more information that will assist with the investigation.”

TMPD spokesperson Isaac Mahamba