Watch: Peaceful protest

Photo: Facebook

Watch: Peaceful protest about Gwaiing planned in George on Friday

A peaceful protest is planned for Friday, where a memorandum will be handed over to the acting municipal manager, the mayor, and the police.

Watch: Peaceful protest

Photo: Facebook

The recent turmoil at Gwaiing is the main reason for the planned protest on Friday in George.


The Gwaiing Action Group announced the protest would officially start at 10:00 in Pacaltsdorp and that protesters were expected to be at the civil and technical services municipal offices in York Street by 13:00.

Interested parties will meet on the corner of Olimpic and Beach Roads in Pacaltsdorp from 08:00. There will be several speakers who will address attendees about the latest situation before leaving at 10:00.

A memorandum will be handed over to the acting municipal manager, the mayor, and the police at the municipal offices. It will contain specific claims and will be announced Friday.


Blanche Benjamin, chairman of the group, reportedly said the protest is not just about the recent events. It also includes questions about beach service, beach access, and fishing spots.

Of course, the recent events at Gwaiing are in question.

“People were violently removed from Gwaiing in December. That after people had been going there for years. People were there in preparation for the New Year’s event. There were security guards with dogs. It was never like that before. We want to know why it was necessary,” Benjamin reportedly said.

According to her, tents were placed there simply in construction after the New Year’s event.


“We did not intend to camp there. The community is unhappy about municipal ordinances not being explained to them.”

She appealed to people to support Friday’s event. It will be a peaceful protest. The application for the protest was made through the right channels, and permission was obtained.

Donovan Hantam, the spokesperson for the Gwaiing action group, reportedly said a second group would walk out of Thembalethu and join Nelson Mandela Boulevard in York Street.

According to him, at a meeting on January 21, it was decided that speakers from Good, PA, PBI, the Rasta group, Codeta Disadvantaged Taxi Association (George), the Khoi, the CPF, the religious community, the Thembalethu Community Forum, and Sanco will act.

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