Watch: Nandos have just create

Watch: Nandos have just created their best political ad yet, ‘Game of Cronies’ style [video]

This is what brilliance looks like.

Watch: Nandos have just create

Ahh Nandos, what would us South Africans do without your brilliant humour? Always keeping us up to date with local politics in the funniest (and often smartest) way possible. We’ve covered many brilliant Nandos posts so far this year, this one though, clearly takes the cake.

Game of Thrones is without a doubt the biggest TV show in the world. People count the days until the next season premier, South Africans even stay up till 4am just to watch the episodes as they come out.

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So what’s the link between Nandos and Game of Thrones? On Tuesday, Nandos took to their social media pages to post a video in partnership with ZANEWS. All the brilliant ZANEWS political puppets are there, Zuma, Malema and even Gwede Mantashe!

If you’ve watched the show there are tonnes of references in this ad that you will find funny. Zuma sitting on the iron throne and Julius as the err… Father of Dragons. The way the video is structured it definitely seems to be a trailer of sorts. Let’s hope there are plenty more videos like this in the works.

Check out the video below.