mahikeng cbd looters

Photo: @RiotandAttacksSA / TW

Watch: Mahikeng shops looted while engulfed in flames [video]

The opportunistic looters made it off with stolen goods as the stores on Station Road burned to the ground.

mahikeng cbd looters

Photo: @RiotandAttacksSA / TW

The scenes of pandemonium at Station Road, in Mahikeng CBD, have since died down and the fire that raged on for most parts of Monday morning, burning down a number of retail stores, has since been contained.

Mahikeng: What caused the fire?

Emergency rescue officials have confirmed that nobody was hurt in the fire that broke out in the early parts of Monday morning, at a shopping district on Station Road.

Retail stores like Bradlows, Boxer Supermarket and Sportscene were just some of the buildings that were engulfed in fire. At this time, it is not known what the financial damage caused by the fire is.

Fire investigators have been on the scene, assessing the debris for indications of what started the blaze, and whether or not it was a case of arson.

According to a SABC News report, preliminary investigations suggest that electrical fault is suspected. However, a more conclusive report will be filed once all the evidence has been collected and examined.

Watch: Opportunistic looters clash with police

As the fire and rescue officials were working all morning to douse the flames, bystanders gathered in their hundreds to see what was happening.

It is not clear who instigated the chaos that followed but riot police were called out to the shopping district after the looters swarmed into the shopping centre, as it was engulfed in fire, to steal whatever they could get their hands on.

One of the looters was brazen enough to admit, on live TV, that he and many others were there to steal the goods that had not yet been swallowed by the flames. You can watch the bizarre interview and the chaos that ensued on Station Road, in Mahikeng, below.

At this time, police in Mahikeng have yet to confirm if any of the looters have been arrested.