KFC ad

Watch: KFC hilariously mocks World Cup players “injury” antics in new ad [video]

Move over Neymar!

KFC ad

KFC is known for being the second best advert making chicken restaurant in the country. While they might not be number one on the brilliant ad list (cough Nando’s cough), the latest World Cup ad from KFC SA is very very good.

KFC ad brilliance: The Neymar effect?

Throughout the 2018 FIFA World Cup, football fans and reluctant watchers alike have all been left rather upset at some of the “injury” antics players have shown.

Since the very first Brazil game of the tournament, star winger Neymar has been the victim of quite a few fouls. While wingers are used to getting kicked around by defenders, Neymar has taken the “fake an injury” act to a new level.

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Sports fans who have a bit of a disdain for football have always used the argument that they “hate it when the players roll around on the pitch”. If rolling around the pitch was a high school project, Neymar would get an A+.

With the Internet always ready to roast absolutely anyone. Neymar has become meme central. See the compilation video below for yourself.

Just one day into the World Cup, KFC South Africa released their new advert for the Streetwise 2 meal. The catchphrase of the video – “Why make a meal of it when you can make a meal with the Streetwise 2?”

The advert shows a local soccer game taking place when one of the players is fouled. The players surround him to make sure he is ok but he keeps rolling away from them. The medics even arrive with a stretcher but this guy just keeps rolling away.

Things then get seriously funny as the player ends up rolling out of the stadium and into the street. Journalist and camera crews follow him as his rolling journey takes through various parts of SA and into a KFC. Once he is through the doors, he jumps straight to his feet.

Check out the brilliant KFC ad for yourself below.