Bryanston hijacking

Credit: Twitter/ Yusuf Abramjee

Watch: Joburg hijackers retreat after being shot at by driver [video]

These hijackers literally had to dodge bullets.

Bryanston hijacking

Credit: Twitter/ Yusuf Abramjee

An attempted Bryanston hijacking has left the criminals running for their lives after being lucky to escape unharmed. With the driver being rushed at after pulling into the driveway, he was not in the mood to hand his SUV over.

Bryanston hijacking: Shots fired both ways

CCTV footage is going wild on social media showing an attempted hijacking end with the driver of a Black Range Rover firing shots at two hijackers.

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The video shows the car driving into the entrance of a complex when a black Alfa Romeo follows the Range Rover in. Two men jump out of the Alfa and approach the driver and passenger windows.

The victim then leaves the robbers completely stunned as he manages to quickly grab his firearm and fire a shot at each of the men through each window. The criminals begin to run but the man races after them while firing more shots as they attempt to get in a getaway car and speed off.

The Sandton Chronicle reports that Randburg Police Station spokesperson Captin Makgowanyana Maja confirmed that no case had been opened as of yet.

Watch: Attempted hijacking victim turns the tables on hijackers in brilliant change

With the video also being posted on Intelligence Bureau SA’s Facebook page, the comments were at their brilliant best as people celebrated a hijacking that had a “happy ending” for once.

“Well done for standing up against them! Ridiculous that we have to arm ourselves with guns to survive!

“I’m sure that second thug needed a new pair of underpants after that”

”Well look at you sir, James Bonding on them when they try to pull up looks like a scene from a movie. Well done bro.”

You can check out the various videos from different angle CCTV cameras below.