Watch: Attempted hijacking vic

Watch: Attempted hijacking victim turns the tables on hijackers in brilliant change [video]

A hijacking video where things didn’t end badly! These robbers clearly left with the fright of their life. A refreshing change from “normal” crime videos.

Watch: Attempted hijacking vic

A hijacking video has gone viral in South Africa! Well, that may not be surprising, what is surprising is how this video ended. What a great surprise it is!

This video shows the hijackers getting the fright of their lives as the man they attempt to hijack opens fire back on them.

The man can be seen parking his bakkie and walking towards the gate when a car stops a few metres from him and two masked men get out. The man manages to dive behind his own bakkie while the two criminals attempt to circle around.

The bakkie owner is armed and soon the robbers become aware of that. The one on the left dives and ducks as the man points his gun at him from off camera.  He quickly jumps back in the car and the getaway driver puts his foot down.

The robber on the right is much less lucky as he takes a dive and then has to sprint after his own gang as they drive away. At one point, he is so scared that he is actually running faster than the car.

The bakkie owner then opens fire at the retreating car and robber. With so many terrible crime videos shared on a daily basis, this is a refreshing and humorous change.

Please stay safe this festive season, folks! You can watch the video below.

With so many videos of crime in South Africa going viral, it’s refreshing to finally see a video where police are involved but it has nothing to do with crime! These local police officers have a brilliant sense of humour.

TimesLIVE received undated cellphone footage showing three police officers gathered around a man. While the officers attempt to frisk the man, he resists and struggles while attempting to get free.

The officers see something in the man’s hand and immediately can be heard asking “what is this!?” One officer even asks if it’s “dagga”?

You can read the full story and watch the video here.