Watch: footage of EMPD officer

Watch: footage of EMPD officer ‘assaulting’ Edenvale motorist lands cop in hot water [video]

Not 24 hours had passed since a video showing a EMPD officer taking a swipe at a motorist filming him went online, and the department has already launched an investigation.

Watch: footage of EMPD officer

Ah the power of citizen journalism hey? Less than a day after a police officer from the Edenvale Police Department had an altercation with Diederick Stopforth, the cop is facing an internal investigation on charges of theft, common assault and damage to property.

According to Stopforth the whole saga started when he and his girlfriend drove up to a traffic obstruction, a truck that had been blocking traffic, which forced motorists to ove around it in order to keep traffic flowing.

As he drove around the truck a uniformed EMPD officer with no name tag pulled him over and asked why he had done that.

“He kind of stuck half of his body in my window and wanted to know why I drove around the truck,” Stopforth told News24, adding that he responded by telling the officer he only wanted to get out of the way as to not be an obstruction.

“He told us we were being clever, then grabbed my licence and walked away. He didn’t write me a ticket; he just walked off with my licence.”

“I got out of my vehicle and followed him, switched on my phone and at this stage I realised that he had no identification, no name, rank or anything to identify him as an officer of the law.”

Stopforth proceeded to ask the officer for his name, which is when he slapped his phone out of his hand and reportedly threatened his girlfriend – whose phone had also been slapped out of her hand for filming the police – with arrest.

“He said that he will throw her in the van, teach her a lesson and show her what kind of officer he is.”

As soon as the SAPS arrived the unnamed officer drove off.

“We can’t track the guy down. He still has my driver’s licence. We can’t just do nothing about it; people like this get away with this type of behaviour when people don’t act,” Stopforth said.

According to the EMPD’s Lieutenant-Colonel Wilfred Kgasago an investigation is already underway.