Brave cameraman during a CIT robbery. Image: Twitter/@pmcafrica.

WATCH: Brave bystander films a Cash-In-Transit robbery [Video]

A Cash in Transit robbery caught on Camera by a brave bystander. Members of the community helped themselves to the remainders.


Brave cameraman during a CIT robbery. Image: Twitter/@pmcafrica.

A brave bystander films a Cash in Transit robbery and members of the community taking advantage of the situation.

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Bystander persistent in filming the event

South Africa has been in a battle to fight the rapid rise of Cash-In-Transit robberies around the country, a fight that is still ongoing.

The video shows visuals of a shoot-out between the guards and the robbers from a distance.

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As the shoot-out continues between the guards and the robbers, members of the community are on standby to witnees the event.

As the gunshots get louder, the crowd dispenses away and then gather back at the same spot eyeing an opportunity to get some left overs.

Cash-In-Transit robbery caught on camera by brave bystander. Video: Twitter/@pmcafrica

Another bystander takes up the role of being an instructor to the crowd and orders them to lay down to avoid any stray bullets.

The person talking in the video says there is one bystander that has been shot already, in trying to warn the others.

The robbers made several attempts to open up the the truck by placing explosives, those attempts finally paid off as the truck burst open from the side.

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Crowd helping themselves to some cash

Finally, when the shoot-out seemed to be over, the crowd race to the Cash-In-Transit truck and help themselves with whatever was left over.

The bystander behind the camera instructs the crowd that the money is usually placed at the back of the truck not at the front.

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A group of security guards came to scene and fired shots dispensing the crowd successfully.

The bystander operating the camera tells the group of guards that the robbers attempted to bomb the truck five times and failed to get the cash.


In a recent similar event, two bystanders were allegedly shot and killed while another was injured by armed suspects during a CIT heist in Ekurhuleni, Gauteng.