Watch: Automatic rifles everyw

Watch: Automatic rifles everywhere as massive Police raid shuts down Long Street [video]

The Police weren’t messing around on Friday night…

Watch: Automatic rifles everyw

The late hours of Friday night saw SAPS officers carry out an extremely large scale “operation” in Cape Town’s nightclub capital. Around 50 police vehicles could be seen as most of Long Street was closed off for over an hour.

A police helicopter continuously circled the area shining its searchlight on everything from rooftops to through the windows of specific clubs. As our journalist on the scene began taking pictures, a Police officer threatened to confiscate his phone. Note: Members of the media are legally allowed to film and take pictures of police officers in public.

Police could be seen pinning people against the wall as they conducted body searches. One man claimed that he had been choked against a wall by one of the many masked officers on the street.

At one point, popular bar/club Beer House had around 10 officers with automatic rifles blockading the door and facing the street. These officers were also wearing helmets and had balaclavas covering their face.

While many were alarmed by the huge presence of automatic rifles, officers on the scene claimed that it was a “standard operation.”

Long Street is known for high amounts of drug trading as well as nightly occurrences of pickpocketing and muggings.

Check out some of the footage from the operation below.