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Accused kidnapper in Miguel Louw case attacked in court

Many would believe he deserved more than an umbrella beat down.

miguel louw


On Wednesday, the Durban Magistrate’s Court concluded matters in the Miguel Louw case with a postponement. The accused kidnapper, Mohammed Vahed Ebrahim. was forced to run out of the court in fear after he was attacked by supporters of Miguel.

Miguel Louw kidnap-accused appears in court

Ebrahim appeared in court to submit his plea on the kidnapping charge he was handed. Everything proceeded as it should have. The 43-year-old suspect was dressed very neatly in his bright pink shirt and suit pants. He was neatly shaved and looked presentable.

Magistrate Judge, Mohamed Motala, had to warn Ebrahim about not reporting to the Pheonix police station to sign as per the stipulations of his bail conditions.

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Ebrahim argued that he had not received signing forms in his previous court appearance – an acceptable reason. The gallery was packed with supporters of Miguel who could barely withhold their composure.

The prosecutor of the case also confirmed to the court that they had not entered a charge of murder against the accused.

Miguel Louw case postponed

Matters were then concluded, with the next court date set for Wednesday, 5 December 2018. That is when things turned for the worst for Ebrahim.

As he made his way out of the court, Miguel’s supporters in the corridors lost their cool and launched an attack on Ebrahim, with one supporter managing to hit him with an umbrella.

The video shows Ebrahim running out from a coffee shop in the court. He moved past angry people who were screaming

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“catch him! Catch him!”

Ebrahim Shah, the father of the accused kidnapper confirmed that his son was safe and unharmed.