Warnings of another day of ext

Warnings of another day of extreme fire danger in the Western Cape

In the last three months, firefighters in the Western Cape have fought an average of 75 fires a day.

Warnings of another day of ext

SA Weather Service tweeted this morning that the public should be aware that the high temperatures and strong winds around the Western Cape are ideal conditions to start fires as well as cause flare-ups.

On Tuesday, there were no fewer than 19 fires raging across the Western Cape, leading to probes into the possibility of the fires starting due to arson.

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The #PaarlFire is still a major concern for residents and firefighters who have been working tirelessly to bring the blaze under control. The fire, which started on the slopes of Du Toitskloof on Sunday, had at least 200 firefighters as well as SANDF members and helicopters working to restrain the flames.

The warnings about the continued threat of fires across the Western Cape come with requests for help from the public. Residents and members of the communities affected have been asked to provide food and drinks for the firefighters, as well as assistance with fighting the blazes and reporting any new fires or suspicious behaviour.

Members of the public within the affected areas have also been urged to remain calm and to cooperate with authorities and firefighters when called upon to do so.

Volunteer Wildfire Services (VWS) issued this request on Twitter, for anyone who would like to help.


To make donations of water, snack bars, sandwiches and eye drops, there is a drop off point at Wellington NG Church East, Cummings Street in Wellington or phone 021 872 2322 to find out how you can help.