SPCA euthanised goose

East London SPCA euthanised an injured goose. Image via: Facebook

Video of goose euthanised by East London SPCA causes outrage

The video of an injured pet goose being euthanised by inspectors from the East London SPCA has caused outrage amongst animal lovers.

SPCA euthanised goose

East London SPCA euthanised an injured goose. Image via: Facebook

Animal lovers were left outraged after a video of a pet goose being euthanised by East London SPCA emerged over the weekend. In the video, the goose is held down as a sharp object is used to slice it’s neck.

In a statement on their Facebook page, the East London SPCA said they were conducting an inspection at a breeder’s home when they came across the injured bird.


According to the SPCA in East London a follow-up inspection was done at a breeder where they had received several reports of animals in possible distress.


Various animals, whose condition warranted their immediate removal, was seized from the premises by the SPCA as numerous warnings were reportedly not adhered to.

“However, one injured goose was in such a state of suffering that transporting it by vehicle would have caused it even more distress. The owner reported that the animal had been hit by a car three weeks ago. We unfortunately had to euthanise the animal on site as there was no other recourse,” says the SPCA.

 A case of animal cruelty in terms of the Animals Protection Act No 71 of 1962 will be opened against the breeder. The other animals are in the care of the East London SPCA and receiving treatment after seeing the vet.


The owner of the goose has posted their outrage in the manner their pet was euthanised.

“They threw the blood of the slain goose onto the road, without covering the blood, they drove off. I did offer them shavings to cover. They didn’t even use the Covid protocol of sanitizing their hands or even washing them.”


In post from Being cruel isn’t Cool, the owners say they are disgusted by the SPCA’s behavior.

“On the 30th of April the SPCA East London decided to take life in their own hands to inhumanely kill a geese who has been walking with a limp for a while. He was coping and he was a pet but to have an animal savagely taken away like that in front of those who live there and other pets it’s done out of spite and with someone who has no idea who can work with animals.”

Meanwhile, the National Council of SPCAs has been made aware of the video making its rounds across social media regarding the inhumane slaughter of a goose.

“Staff from the East London SPCA have been identified in the video and the NSPCA has made contact with the Society to launch an urgent investigation. The NSPCA wishes to clarify that the matter is certainly being dealt with. We do not blame the public for being irate, and commentary from the public should be forwarded to the East London SPCA directly,” says the NSPCA.


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