Verulam murder-suicide

Photo: RUSA / Facebook

Verulam: Mother, two infants found hanged in alleged murder-suicide

The horror is unimaginable. But the local community in Verulam are coming to terms with an apparent murder-suicide which claimed the lives of two toddlers.

Verulam murder-suicide

Photo: RUSA / Facebook

An unspeakable tragedy has been reported in Verulam, KZN on Monday afternoon. Three people – including two infants – were found dead in the Mslasini neighbourhood, following an alleged murder-suicide. It is understood that a mother hung her two young sons, aged two and three, before killing herself.

Verulam latest – mother, two infants dead in alleged murder-suicide

Reaction Unit South Africa (RUSA) – a local security firm – were the first responders on the scene. They were confronted by the gruesome sight of three lifeless bodies, and had to console two distraught older children who discovered what their mother had done. RUSA also revealed the following details:

  • The woman had sent several texts to her friends & family this morning threatening to kill herself.
  • She received no response, with her WhatsApp texts going unread. Locals say their neighbour “seemed fine” when they saw her earlier on Monday.
  • The daughters are currently in the care of RUSA Officers and under professional counselling.

What we know so far:

The surviving daughters are also under medical supervision after telling paramedics that they had been forced to eat tablets containing rat poison. The mother sent them to the local tuck shop shortly afterwards, after keeping them home from school.

The sole parent of the house is said to have committed this attrocity while her other kids were out on their own. According to RUSA, neighbours rushed to the scene to try and free the toddlers:

“The body of a woman and two of her infant children were found hanging in a bedroom at their home in Area 2 Mslasini – Verulam a short while ago (on Monday). At approximately 12:08, a resident from the area arrived at the Reaction Unit South Africa Headquarters by taxi requesting assistance after the deceased’s two older daughters made the discovery.”

“According to the woman’s older daughters, aged 10 and 12, their mother had forcefully fed them tablets resembling Rattex. When they returned from a local tuck shop, they found their mother and two brothers hanging from the rafter from bed sheets. Residents ran to the home and cut down the three.”

RUSA statement on the Verulam incident