vera wang

Fashion designer Vera Wang took this glamorous photo while self-isolating at her Miami home on the day of the cancelled Met Gala. Photo via Instagram @verawang

70 going on 17: The ageless Vera Wang factor has social media in a frenzy

Vera Wang is 70 and gorgeous. The iconic fashion designer has stunned the world with an at-home photo shoot capturing her ageless beauty.

vera wang

Fashion designer Vera Wang took this glamorous photo while self-isolating at her Miami home on the day of the cancelled Met Gala. Photo via Instagram @verawang

It is not a secret that everyone wants to know what Vera Wang’s beauty secrets are! From her beautiful skin to the body of a 20-year-old, she is the epitome of ageing gracefully. The American fashion designer is in fact 70, but she recently set social media alight by sharing a photo of her rock-solid abs on her Instagram account.

Vera Wang shows of her abs. Image via Instagram @verawang

Born in 1949, Vera Ellen Wang shot to fame with her trademark bridal wear. However, throughout the years she has also made a name for herself in the greater fashion industry and dressed big names, such as Michelle Obama and Ivana Trump, and even made appearances in Keeping up with the Kardiashians and Gossip Girl.

Drinking unicorn blood?

This time, Wang is not on everyone’s lips for a statement dress or her latest A-list client — but for her incredible age-defying looks.

Stunned fans and followers took to Twitter and Instagram, asking: “How does she do it?” Others could simply not believe it. After one follower questioned her age, Vera Wang herself responded by replying: “Fact check: Truth”. 

In other posts that she recently shared on social media, she shows off some of her designs and her other quarantine activities, like riding her bicycle in the streets of Miami, Florida. 

Tribute to the Met Gala

These photos and videos also show the amazing shape she’s in, and proves that her photos are definitely not being photoshopped, as some “haters” may suggest.

On the 4 May, she payed tribute to the Met Gala that would’ve taken place that evening but was cancelled due to the pandemic. She captioned the post “Masking it out of doors in Miami…. ode to the ‘Met’ Gala tonight”, together with a photo of what would have been her dress for the glamorous event, paired with a matching mask — just to be chic safe, of course…

Sunscreen and vodka cocktails

When asked by an interviewer how one can go about getting your stomach to look like hers, Vera simply answered:

“Work, sleep, a vodka cocktail, not much sun.”

Sounds simple, right?

Image via Instagram @verawang

Work hard and eat your vegetables

She did however in a previous interview reveal that she keeps active by ocassionaly doing light weights, and loves playing golf and bike riding. She also shared some of her dietary preferences, after having confessed that giving up diet Coco-Cola was the hardest thing that she ever had to do. She prefers steamed fish, chicken, fresh vegetables and rice. 

This goes to show that eating well-prepared fresh food, without having to cut on carbs, can give you a body that hasn’t aged a day. That, and plenty of sleep and water.

What we can take from the fabulous Vera Wang is the following: Work hard, eat your vegatables, enjoy your occasional vodka, stay out of the sun and even when you are on the edge of turning 71, never turn old in your heart!