taxi price hike

Image via Twitter: Minister of Transport |Mr Fix

Only vaccinated can use taxis? Business group demands vaccine mandate

Should South Africans should only be able to use taxis or busses if they are vaccinated? One group wants a BIG vaccine mandate.

taxi price hike

Image via Twitter: Minister of Transport |Mr Fix

The 4th wave is about to get underway (if it isn’t already) and we have the new Omicron variant to deal with. With the world in a flat-out panic over this new variant, the calls to implement a vaccine mandate are growing louder and louder. Those calls are aided by the fact that the country has 16 million vaccines waiting and ready. But under 35% of SA adults are fully vaccinated.

Vaccine mandate: No jab, no public transport?

The Business for South Africa group is calling for government to urgently put a vaccine mandate in place.

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The group says it is in full support of restricting access to public indoor spaces. This means that if you are not jabbed, you can’t get in. B4SA don’t just want a vaccine mandate in the workplace, they even want grocery store access restricted.

“We need to rapidly move to a situation where only vaccinated individuals should be allowed to travel in buses, taxis and airplanes, or to eat and drink in indoor establishments such as restaurants and taverns. This is in line with global restrictions and based on the science regarding airborne disease. Ventilation and masks remain important, but we now need to look at enforcing a further layer of protection.”

Martin Kingston B4SA Char

Jab required for December jol?

President Cyril Ramaphosa and his National Coronavirus Command Council have met this weekend. And with the latest figure for daily new COVID cases coming in at over 3 000, there is a high likelihood we will see the size of gatherings reduced soon.

Business for South Africa says those new limits are required together with the vaccine mandate.

“The global scientific community is in the process of determining the transmissibility of the new variant. And scientists’ initial view is that our current vaccines remain highly effective against death and severe illness. In short, vaccinations remain our best weapon against Covid-19,” says Kingston

So with South Africa being added to more and more travel red lists every day, will we actually see a vaccine mandate signed off soon?