WATCH: Woman SHOVES five-year-

WATCH: Woman SHOVES five-year-old son into her boot

The 33-year-old woman has since been arrested and faces charges of child abuse as well as violating a restraining order

WATCH: Woman SHOVES five-year-

There are all kinds of ways for parents to discipline their children, but forcing them into the boot of their car cannot be one of them. That’s exactly what one woman in Colorado, the United States (US) did to her screaming five-year-old.

The incident was captured via cellphone camera by a shocked onlooker who did not hold back and even confronted the woman.

“Get in there,” the mom can be heard screaming to her son as she slams the boot shut, prompting an angry reaction from the female witness, who repeatedly demanding that she release the child.

“Dude, you can’t f–king put that kid in the f–king trunk! You cannot have that goddamn kid in the f–king trunk! Take the f–king kid out the f–king trunk!,” the onlooker yelled.

WATCH: Woman forces son into trunk

The clip doing the rounds on social media is only 26 seconds long, as opposed to the longer version which was handed to police in the city of Pueblo. The incident occurred on Wednesday, 4 August 2021.

Here’s what also happens that you don’t see in the shorter video: The woman, identified as 33-year-old Chelsea Trujillo, then tells the bystander that she had actually planned on taking him out later, but then frees the boy who continues to cry and stands nearby.

The incident was later reported to local police, who put out a notice, in search for the woman but it was only a day later that they managed to track her down. Trujillo, who is homeless, was subsequently arrested.

Police said the child, who was with her when they found his mother, was not physically harmed and has been handed over to social workers.

“Obviously, I think anybody who looks at that video would be concerned about the welfare of that little boy. We saw what you saw in the video, but we need to look at the whole thing, that’s why detectives are involved,” the police’s Franklyn Ortega said to KOAA, a local news outlet.

Trujillo will not only be charged for child abuse, but also for violating a restraining order.