WATCH: ‘I’m not sorry I killed

WATCH: ‘I’m not sorry I killed my child & girlfriend,’ man tells judge

The man brutally bludgeoned to death, his girlfriend and their nine-year-old daughter, who had cerebral palsy and could not walk

WATCH: ‘I’m not sorry I killed

It’s one of the many shocking murder cases to ever grip the United States (US): The case against Ronnie Oneal III gained national attention, not just because of the cruel nature of the crime, but also some of the antics he pulled in court and the utter lack of remorse, for killing his girlfriend, Kenyatta Barron and their nine-year-old disabled daughter Ron’Niveya. Their eight-year-old son Ronnie managed to survive the attack and was a key witness at trial, Fox 13 News reported.

Presiding Judge Michele Sisco sentenced Oneal to three life terms to be served consecutively, meaning he will spend the rest of his life in prison with no chance of parole.

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The crimes occurred the night of March 18, 2018, at the family’s home on Pike Lake Drive in Riverview, Florida. Oneal shot Barron twice. She then fled outside to a neighbour’s yard, where Oneal then beat her to death with the gun.

He then went back into the house, where he grabbed his daughter and dragged her into the master bedroom. The girl had cerebral palsy, could not talk and was diagnosed with autism. He used a hatchet to hack her to death.

His trial wrapped up on Friday, 23 July 2021, during which he was given the opportunity to address the court in Hillsborough County.

“I am not sorry for something I didn’t do and I am not sorry for the things I did do,” Oneal said, his voice becoming louder and more aggressive.

Judge Sisco, who had previously been lenient with the defendant in his outburst in court, read him the riot act this time.

“I will have you removed from this courtroom,” she said, telling him she could sentence him, even if he isn’t present.

She then told Oneal that the crime, was amongst the most shocking she had ever come across in her entire career.

“It took every ounce I had not to start sobbing to because there is no way any person with any feeling could have witnessed or seen the photos of what occurred that night and not be haunted for the rest of your life… For the rest of my life I’ll be haunted by what I saw as far as the evidence,” Judge Sisco said.