Joe Biden one vote US Election

Photo: Joe Biden / Twitter

US Election: Joe Biden wins by ‘just one vote’ in two different locations

Feel like your ballot doesn’t really count? Think again. Two towns in the same state both chose Joe Biden by precisely one vote at the US Election.

Joe Biden one vote US Election

Photo: Joe Biden / Twitter

Many people have been left disenfranchised by voting over the years. But, as we witness a record turnout in the US Election between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, it seems that faith in democracy is ever-present – regardless of the threats to undermine it: In fact, these two locations in Massachusetts show that your one vote can make a difference.

Where Joe Biden ‘won by one vote’

Data shared by WCVB-TV – a local television station – had broken down the state’s voting data by individual towns. In the process, they discovered something remarkable. Joe Biden had triumphed by one vote… on two separate occasions.

In the town of Sutton, Biden squeaked 49.08% of the vote, ahead of Trump’s 49.06%. Already, the totals sound incredibly tight. When we zoom in on the number of ballots cast, the Democratic challenger received 3 042 votes. That’s precisely one more ballot than what was registered for Trump, who was left with 3 041 votes to his name.

However, for the cynics out there, lightning can indeed strike twice. The small town of Webster repeated the trick, as Biden secured 48.9% of the vote to Trump’s 48.89%. It finished 4 003 to 4 002, in favour of the former vice president.

Lightning strikes twice in US Election

Now, winning these towns doesn’t really do a great deal to change the national vote. It’s just a simple way of breaking data down, and when we look at the results on a hyper-local level, we can see just how deeply the divide runs in America. The tightest of all presidential races continues on Thursday, as six states are yet to confirm their final results.

With razor-thin margins in both Nevada and Georgia expected, you can’t rule out one vote making a big difference later on today. You can follow all the live coverage of the remainder of the US Election via our live blog.