Floyd Shivambu US election

Photo: Flickr / Amr Abdlah

Shivambu on US election: ‘American imperialism will continue unabated’

EFF member Floys Shivambu said it looks like ‘sleepy Joe Biden’ and ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ will end up winning the US election.

Floyd Shivambu US election

Photo: Flickr / Amr Abdlah

While the US election is still underway, we can definitely say that we’re a little closer to a winner. Amid all the hype, tweets, social commentary and opinions, members of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) have also made clear their thoughts on the process and even the two candidates.


EFF member Floyd Shivambu took to Twitter on Thursday evening 5 November 2020 saying; 

“It looks like “Sleepy Joe Biden” and “Barack Hussein Obama” will win the US Elections.” 

“Whilst an electoral humiliation of a racist egomaniac is correct, American imperialism and disregard for global peace will continue unabated,” he added. 

Shivambu’s fellow fighter Mbuyiseni Ndlozi also took to Twitter saying Trump’s words are a recipe for US election riots. This after Trump tweeted; “stop the count”. 

AJ+ tweeted saying that 200 Trump supporters, some armed with AR-15s, surrounded a vote-counting site in Arizona and that they claimed without evidence Maricopa County was not counting votes, while poll workers were doing just that. Election officials said staff “will continue [doing] our job.”

Ndlozi, who retweeted it, said;

“If this was happening somewhere [in] Africa, international observer missions, particularly from USA, would have declared elections as not free [and] fair! How can you count votes with political parties carrying rifles outside? What if they refuse or refute the outcome?” he said. 

“In the USA, can the army deploy itself? What if Trump causes the counting to be violently disrupted & allows it, can the army deploy itself to safeguard democracy?” Ndlozi added.


EFF leader Julius Malema was speaking outside Pharmacy Direct on Wednesday, 4 November 2020, following a special visit over unpaid UIF Ters monies. There he said Donald Trump needs to accept defeat. 

“The ideology is the same (in the US)…If they are robbing each other it is good. They are tasting what we have been tasting here in Africa. They must know what the rigging is about, but Trump is a crybaby, he must accept defeat. If he is defeated he must accept. The same with Biden,” Malema said.

“They are a first-world (country). They cannot be speaking about the rigging of elections because they are supposed to have the most sophisticated electoral system … and if we third world (countries) are still complaining about rigging and the first world is also complaining, then democracy is in danger,” he added.