50 cent donald trump US Election

Photo: 50 Cent / Twitter

US Election: ‘Vote Donald’, says 50 Cent: But which celebrities support Trump?

Rap artist 50 Cent has told his 12 million followers to vote for Donald Trump in the 2020 US Election – joining a modest list of his celebrity supporters.

50 cent donald trump US Election

Photo: 50 Cent / Twitter

Donald Trump looks like he can bank on the support of another celebrity fan ahead of the US Election next month. Rap mogul 50 Cent has encouraged supporters to vote for the Republican candidate, although his endorsement was far from resounding…

50 Cent sides with Republicans over tax issue

The rapper, real name Curtis Jackson, has taken exception to Joe Biden’s plans to increase taxes for the wealthiest 1% of American citizens. Fearing that he might have to spare a few more dollars from his music millions, 50 Cent has rejected the Democratic nominee’s proposals: He stated that ‘Trump does not like black people’, but put his tax bracket above all else:

It’s probably not a Tweet that Donald Trump can’t share on his own page, but with 12 million followers, 50 Cent has delivered a very clear message. The surprise announcement means that Jackson will join a scarce list of other major celebrities who have also expressed their fondness for the conservative option on the ballot…

Which celebrities support Donald Trump for the US Election in 2020?

Kelsey Grammer

The former Fraiser actor defended his support of Donald Trump in a TV interview from 2019, and has taken a few fans by surprise with his political allegiance.

Kid Rock

If you were to ask us to name one thing Kid Rock has done in the last 10 years, we’d be at a loss. Arguably, his backing for the incumbent president is the most noteworthy thing we can think of.

Jon Voight

Here’s a Hollywood star who has backed Trump with his chest: Trotting out the ‘leftie liberal’ insults for anyone who takes a pot-shot at POTUS, Voight is active on social media and in-person with his unwavering support.

Conor McGregor

McGregor is the undisputed bad boy of UFC. He may have gone off the boil recently, but at the start of the year, he praised the president for doing what he believes is ‘a fantastic job’ – and his support will continue into the 2020 US Election.

Kirstie Alley

Another former Cheers star has nailed her colours to the mast for the Republican leader. Heavens knows what she and Fraiser were discussing after-hours, in the place where ‘everybody knows your name’.

James Woods

It is hard to read this fella’s name without singing his now-infamous song from Family Guy. But the veteran of Tinseltown has been unequivocal in his dedication to The Donald. Indeed, Mr. Trump can safely sing that ‘he’s got James Woods‘.

Roseanne Barr

Hardly a 50 Cent style surprise, this: Roseanne’s Ambien-fuelled racist outburst back in 2019 made her a pariah in the entertainment industry. She may have lost her role as the star of her record-breaking, eponymous television sitcom, but Barr’s Conservatism remains unshaken.

Stephen Baldwin

You have to laugh: Actor Stephen is a staunch Trumpite, yet his brother Alec – arguably – does the best and perhaps most unflattering Donald Trump impression going. We can only imagine how awkward their family get-togethers are these days.