Lottery Lotto winning ticket

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US Lotto winner drowns with ticket STILL in his pocket

The man was yet to cash in his lottery winnings as he was waiting for his social security card to be delivered

Lottery Lotto winning ticket

Image via Unsplash

It definitely wasn’t his lucky day: A man in Michigan, in the United States (US) died just days after hitting it big at the lottery. According to WJRT, the body of 57-year-old Gregory Jarvis was found by a local resident washed up on a private beach in the Saginaw Bay in Caseville on a Friday morning.

Jarvis had won $45 000 (that’s more than R668 000).

An autopsy would confirm that he had drowned, however after finding the winning lotto ticket still in his pocket, there were suspiscions of foul play in his death – particularly at the hands of someone who may have wanted Jarvis’ new-found fortune to themselves, but this was ruled out almost immediately.

“We were concerned about it but after the autopsy, and we interviewed people at the bar, he was well-liked around here, he was nice guy, that took it off the table,” Caseville Police Chief Kyle Romzek told WJRT.

“We believe he was working on his boat to secure it when he slipped and hit his head causing him to fall into the water. The lottery ticked was still on his person when he was found,” he added.

Lotto winner hadn’t cashed in ticket yet

The station said Gregory Jarvis had attempted to cash his ticket, however his social security card was in poor condition and he needed to apply for a new one. As per state requirements, anyone who wins more than $600 in the lottery, would need their social security card for the payment to be processed.

This means Jarvis had been waiting for his new card to arrive in the mail.

Dawn Talaski, the owner of the Blue Water Inn, an establishment which Jarvis frequented, says he was “super excited” after winning the lotto. Talaski recalled Jarvis buying a round of drinks on the very night he suspectedly drowned.

She says they soon began to suspect something was wrong when Jarvis did not pitch at the bar for the rest of the week.