University of Cape Town rape

The University of Cape Town. Photo: Pixabay

University of Cape Town rocked by rape allegations

An anonymous student from the University of Cape Town has alleged that she was raped by a Professor while security officers were watching.

University of Cape Town rape

The University of Cape Town. Photo: Pixabay

An anonymous student has alleged that she was raped by a University of Cape Town Professor while security guards were watching on the premises. 

According to the student, the incident was reported to the University of Cape Town, however, the institution failed to act and suspend the alleged rapist. 


In a newly created Twitter account, the student said that the UCT instructed her not to report the matter and keep it internal. 

“I’m a UCT student raped by a UCT professor on UCT premises. I reported thus to UCT & for months they failed to act/suspend the rapist. UCT has instructed me to not report the matter & keep it “internal”. I received threats from the rapist. I’m in witness protection,” the student wrote.

UCT Vice-Chancellor, Mamokgethi Phakeng said the student has been making the same allegations for three years now, however, she is refusing help from the university. 

In a statement, the university said although no specific details were provided it understands that the tweets are in relation to an ongoing matter that is being jointly addressed by specific departments in government, in collaboration with UCT. 

UCT said that it is aware that the allegation of sexual misconduct is being investigated by SAPS. The Western Cape Government is also conducting investigations around the matter. 

“The student has been offered support available at the university and/or referrals to relevant external organisations. The student is at liberty to choose not to use these services.

“The alleged perpetrator is a joint staff member between Western Cape Government Health and UCT, in a relationship governed by a bilateral agreement. UCT does not and has not paid fees for anyone involved in this or any other legal case.”


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