Understanding the refuse categories in the City of Johannesburg. Photo: City of Joburg/ Facebook

Understanding refuse tariffs for Residential, Commercial properties

Residents have to pay a prescribed fee, for the provision of municipal services, which include refuse collection.


Understanding the refuse categories in the City of Johannesburg. Photo: City of Joburg/ Facebook

Refuse tariffs are charges for waste removal services provided by a municipality in a town or city.


In the City of Johannesburg, the refuse tariff has gone up by 7%. The increase was announced by City of Joburg MMC for Finance, Councillor Dada Morero, who explained the reason behind it which affects other services such as electricity, water, property rates and sanitation.

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Here’s what you need to know, courtesy of the City of Joburg:

Residents have to pay the prescribed fee, for the provision of municipal service, which must be in accordance with any nationally prescribed and standards for rates and tariffs.

  • Refuse charge is levied on residential customers (domestic) based on the value of properties.
  • Properties valued at and below R350 000 as well as indigent households are exempt from this charge.
  • A standard residential/ domestic refuse service will comprise the removal of a single 240 litres wheelie bin, once per week.
  • Refuse charge is billed once monthly.
  • Refuse charge/ tariffs is applicable to properties from date of registration and apply to all residential properties base within the jurisdiction of the City of Johannesburg.

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Business Refuse Charge

  • This charge is levied on all non-residential properties registered in the City’s Land Information System (LIS).
  • Property value (as per General Valuation Roll) are used to determine the tariff category for each individual.
  • All Agricultural properties, including agricultural residential properties and vacant land will attract this charge/ levy instead of refuse charge.
  • This tariff will apply to all properties registered within the City, inner City Properties and Urban Development Zone (UDZ) that are not categorised as residential properties in the LIS system.

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Non-Sectional Title Properties

The tariff below apply to properties other than sectional title properties used for habitation and charged as follows:
a) Non Sectional Title Properties with multiple living units will be R108 per unit.
b) Non-Sectional Title Properties containing living rooms will be R45 per room with shared facilities per month.

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