UKZN murder

Photo: Nushere Soodyal / Twitter

UKZN: Learner accused of murdering classmate blasts “idiot” judge [video]

This is not a good look for the defendant. Khayelihle Nzimande is said to have burned a fellow student alive at UKZN, and his case is off to a bad start.

UKZN murder

Photo: Nushere Soodyal / Twitter

There was something of a shock in store for a magistrate in Durban on Monday. Khayelihle Nzimande, the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal (UKZN) student accused of murdering classmate Simukelo Zondi, had quite the outburst in the dock.

UKZN murder – who is Simukelo Zondi?

The charred remains of Zondi were discovered in the woodlands near the UKZN campus last week. Police were lead to suspect Nzimande was involved in the killing. This came after he confessed to school staff that he thought the victim “was a zombie who had been practicing witchcraft”, and claimed to have used paraffin to set him alight.

“Idiots!” – Nzimande’s mad allegation

The nonsensical allegations haven’t done much to aid his defence. But that didn’t stop Nzimande from trying to play the system. He appeared agitated in court, and even had the gall to stop proceedings himself.

The defendant was enraged by the fact his parents had not been contacted. He claimed that he could not “make legal decisions on his own” without the support of his family. When it transpired that none of his relatives had been contacted by the courts, he gave a piece of his mind to the presiding judge:

UKZN murder latest – no bail for Khayelihle Nzimande

A male relative was eventually summoned to court, and proceedings resumed. The state held firm in their decision to keep Nzimande remanded in custody. They oppose bail for the 25-year-old, and he will only return to court next Monday. He was granted the use of a Legal Aid attorney on Monday.

With this being classified a sa “Schedule 5” offence, the prosecution have demanded that Nzimande remains behind bars right up until the outcome of his trial. Meanwhile, UKZN students have embarked upon a march to remember their fallen clloeague on Monday afternoon, laying flowers at the site where his body was found.