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UCT reacts to Engineering lecturer’s ‘men are trash’ Facebook post

UCT has released a response to the Facebook post that went viral, where Engineering lecturer, Mabentsela, had some words for women…

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Twitter went into an uproar on Tuesday after a lady who calls herself Pettyswa shared a screenshot of a Facebook post supposedly written by a lecturer from the University of Cape Town (UCT).

Arthur Mabentsela, a lecturer at UCT’s engineering department, had some things to get off his chest about the whole discourse around men are trash.

Mabentsela’s sentiment towards women

Basically, Mabentsela warned women to refrain from using the ‘men are trash’ rhetoric to hide their promiscuity and inability to choose the ‘right man’.

He used harsh, derogatory terms in describing women’s private parts, praising people like Zodwa Wabantu and Slay Queen for how they use their bodies to great effect – financial benefit.

Naturally, this post received its much-deserved backlash. The fact that he was a lecturer at UCT brought about a negative image for the university that is battling with issues of diversity and gender-based representation.

UCT release statement in response to lecturer’s comments

The university has since released an official statement addressing the situation. In it, the university described the ignorant nature of the post:

“The content of the post is grave, unacceptable and disturbing, and completely out of alignment with UCT values. It is completely understandable that the post has upset people, leading to reactions of pain and offence. This is most regrettable.”

The process of dealing with the matter, according to the university, will continue as follows:

“A formal pre-suspension hearing has been called and a formal process to investigate the matter has begun. We have introduced due process to look into the matter and we will ensure the matter is properly investigated and dealt with.”

Some people have displayed their sympathy for the lecturer, accusing UCT of being consistent in its aim to demolish the progress of the black man.

One of them accused the university of smearing Mabentsela’s name in the face of the media instead of addressing the lecturer’s depression.