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Uber and Bolt drivers call off strike – Here’s why

Another meeting has been arranged for Friday.

uber bolt strike ridesharing e-hailing uber bolt

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As reported by eNCA, Uber and Bolt drivers have called off their strike after sitting down with the Gauteng Department of Roads and Transport and MEC Jacob Mamabolo.

Transport Dept meets with Uber and Bolt

The meeting was arranged in order for the Transport department to engage with Bolt and Uber over their concerns. The strike began when drivers called for their safety to be prioritised.

They were also asking Uber and Bolt management to adopt a fair pricing strategy and initiated a go-slow strike consisting of about 500 drivers at Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula’s offices.

According to the eNCA’s Tshegohaco Moagi, Mamabolo will meet with both companies again on Friday afternoon, 12 March, to “find, what he calls, a partnership and solution to the issues raised”.

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Speaking on 702 after the first meeting, Mamabolo confirmed that the strike had been called off after Uber and Bolt expressed their confidence in the Transport department to play its part.

“The e-hailing drivers from Uber and Bolt have agreed to suspend their strike action with immediate effect.”

Jacob Mamabolo, Public Transport and Roads Infrastructure MEC – Gauteng

He confirmed that another meeting has been arranged for Friday, and said they are “seeing a very positive gesture from the two sides”.

Uber and Bolt strike

This follows after Uber and Bolt drivers asked for changes to be made to ensure their safety, and called on the ridesharing services for benefits such as access to quality and affordable private healthcare.

Earlier this month, Uber SA said it was doing what it could “to enhance the earnings potential” of drivers, and said offerings would include “fuel rewards and vehicle maintenance”, among others.

“At a time when we need more jobs, not fewer, we believe Uber and other platforms can be a bridge to a sustainable economic recovery. Uber has already produced thousands of sustainable economic opportunities”.

Uber explained that providing drivers with independent status would allow them to “grow their businesses and allow them to pursue any economic activities of their choice.” Read more here.

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