Crime scene Image:Twitter @SAPoliceService

Two grandsons, two dead grandmother’s

A grandmother in Mpumalanga and the Eastern Cape have both lost their lives in the hands of their grandsons.


Crime scene Image:Twitter @SAPoliceService

A routine trip to the shop ended in agony for a Mpumalanga man, who discovered the lifeless body of four family members, with a fifth victim alive but fighting for her life.

Gun wielding family man

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The sound of a loud radio booming was the first red flag for the man, who when knocking on the door was met with silence. He then forced his way in and discovered a 32 year old family member in possession of a gun.

According to police, shortly afterwards the man made gruesome discovery of his 71 year old grandmothers’ lifeless body on the floor and his 22year old sister who was luckily still alive.

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The bodies of the three children aged three, eight, and 10 were found in separate bedrooms.

“The 32year old suspect has been arrested and charged with four counts of murder and one of attempted murder. He will appear before the Piet Retief Magistrates Court on Monday” says police spokesperson Donald Mdhluli.

Man allegedly set house alight with grandmother inside

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Meanwhile, a 26year old man has appeared at the Butterworth Magistrate’s Court, for allegedly killing his 90 year old grandmother after setting the house alight last week.

Nongenile Sobetwa’s charred lifeless body was discovered on a chair by neighbours after they worked together to put out the flames.

“The phenomenon of elder abuse is a growing social problem, and we all need to play a major role in the protection of the vulnerable. Such brutal attacks on the aged cannot be condoned and communities need to look out for the elderly and to report to police any neglect or abuse suffered by them. We will work closely with the NPA to ensure a successful prosecution,’ say Mene.      

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The accused, Thulani Sobetwa will return to court next week for a formal bail hearing.