Tshwane's disconnecting spree.

Tshwane’s disconnecting spree. Image: X/@CityofTshwane

Tshwane’s disconnecting spree: No favouritism in pursuit of municipal debt

City of Tshwane disconnects power to recover debts without favouritism, prioritising municipal debt collection with no exceptions.

Tshwane's disconnecting spree.

Tshwane’s disconnecting spree. Image: X/@CityofTshwane

In a bold move demonstrating impartiality, officials from the City of Tshwane disconnected electricity to the premises housing the South African Revenue Service (SARS) in the inner city on Tuesday morning.

This action was prompted by SARS owing a substantial sum of R838 000 000 in unpaid electrical.

Tshwane’s robust campaign targets R1 billion monthly debt recovery

The disconnection of power to SARS is just one facet of the City of Tshwane’s robust campaign aimed at recovering an additional R1 billion monthly from customers grappling with municipal debt.

Mayor Cilliers Brink unveiled this initiative earlier in the year. Presenting a comprehensive five-point plan to address the burgeoning debt crisis.

At the time of its announcement, Mayor Brink highlighted the city’s staggering debtor’s book, which stood at a daunting R23.3 billion.

The campaign is designed to tackle the significant debtors’ book, encompassing businesses, government accounts, and diverse communities across Tshwane.
Mayor Brink also issued a reminder to residents facing financial difficulties, urging them to proactively arrange payment plans to avoid service disruptions.

“Do not wait for the City to come and disconnect your services!” he emphasised.

SARS reconnected after payment

Following the disconnection, Tshwane’s spokesperson, Selby Bokaba, affirmed the city’s resolute stance. Bokaba stated that the SARS building was swiftly reconnected upon settlement of the outstanding debt later that Tuesday afternoon.

“The City of Tshwane can confirm that earlier today (Tuesday), the revenue collection team under the banner of Tshwane Ya Tima disconnected power at a building which houses South African Revenue Services. SARS settled their debt on Tuesday afternoon and were subsequently connected,” Bokaba confirmed, reported JacarandaFM.

The firm yet equitable approach underscores the City of Tshwane’s commitment to enforcing financial accountability. It applies across all sectors, irrespective of organisational stature or influence.

By actively pursuing debt recovery measures, the municipality aims to safeguard its financial integrity. It also seeks to foster a culture of responsibility among its constituents.