Bride price man paid for wife

Bride price man paid for wife. Image: TikTok @_gigibby

EISH WENA: Trending video shows bride price man paid for wife

EISH WENA! You won’t believe what this video went viral for! WATCH our daily viral video fished off the internet here!

Bride price man paid for wife

Bride price man paid for wife. Image: TikTok @_gigibby

Viral videos have never run dry on the World Wide Web. How amazing is it that there’s always something crazy on the internet? From people riding trolleys on the highway to failed challenge compilations, the internet always amazes. Today’s viral video has captured the attention of millions of viewers worldwide, earning countless shares and likes across social media. Keep in touch with The South African.

VIRAL VIDEO: Bride price man paid for wife

@_gigibby Congratulations Sis🥂💃#igbogirl #fypシ゚viral #brideprice #bridepricepaidinfull🥰 #bridepriceceremony ♬ Congratulations – Ugee Royalty


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