Travel Startups Incubator inve

Travel Startups Incubator invests in Africabookings

Africa bookings secures start up investment

Travel Startups Incubator inve

Travel Startups Incubator last week announced that they would be investing in Africabookings, a company who are revolutionising the travel market in Southern Africa by giving reliable hotel booking info and profiles for independent travellers. Africabookings is lead by founder and CEO Bruce Tapping and a investment group of veteran travel executives. Matt Zito, managing partner at Travel Startups Incubator says, “we were impressed with Bruce’s vision and presentation at a Startup Village conference in San Francisco in March where we first met.”

In a short-period of time Africabookings has been able to engage 500 African hotels with their site. Africa is a huge untapped continent with massive growth potential for the travel industry. As more people travel globally over the next 10-years, Southern Africa will become a major destination and tools like will help bring this about. The funding will be used to expand throughout sub-Saharan Africa into more than 19 countries. Africabookings is currently looking for hotels and lodges that need global distribution for their inventory.

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