El Al gifts free flight tickets

El Al Airlines gifts free flight tickets. Image: Unsplash

El Al Airlines ends flights to two more destinations: See here

El Al Airlines has said that it has also decided to discontinue scheduled flights to both Dublin and Marrakesh.

El Al gifts free flight tickets

El Al Airlines gifts free flight tickets. Image: Unsplash

Last week Israel’s national airline El Al Airlines announced that it would be removing South Africa from its flight route network.

The airline has also since announced the suspension of its flights to two other destinations.

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According to Israel national news, El Al Airlines will discontinue flights to Dublin (Ireland) and Marrakesh (Morocco).

Flights to Dublin and Marrakesh ended last year, but El Al has now announced that these routes will not be restarted for the next season.

The airline announced the termination of its flights on these two routes on 5 February.


The decision to scrap flights to the two cities allegedly follows a drop in demand for these flights, as well as anti-Israel sentiment expressed by sources in the governments of these countries.

Israel’s national carrier announced last week that it would terminate flights to Johannesburg, as a result of weak demand from passengers, and due to the diplomatic row with the South African government.

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Since the Hamas attacks on October 7 last year, a great number of airlines have suspended their services into Israel.

The reason being a lack of safety when operating flights into the region.

However, three Israeli carriers, El Al Airlines, Israir and Arkia Airlines have continued operating flights during this period when most airlines have halted operations to Israel.   

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El Al Airlines has deployed its aircraft on routes where passenger demand has not fallen, and where there is still a need for airlift.

These operations are important since air connectivity with Israel has shrunk since the hostilities began late last year.

According to Israel National News. El Al’s V.P. Commercial & Industry Affairs, Shlomo Zafrany said, “Since the start of the war, El Al has taken pains to increase its network of flight routes to popular destinations, in order to preserve the air bridge. In light of the situation, we are closely following the changes in our customers’ preferences and the amount of demand.”

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