transport minister Vosloorus

Transport Minister Sindisiwe Chikunga. Image: X/@Dotransport.

Transport Minister condemns act of violence on e-hailIing drivers

‘Government has a duty to protect the lives of citizens who rely on public transport for their livelihoods’-Min Chikunga.

transport minister Vosloorus

Transport Minister Sindisiwe Chikunga. Image: X/@Dotransport.

Transport minister Sindisiwe Chikunga has strongly condemned the acts of violence meted out by taxi drivers on ehailing drivers such as Uber and Bolt.

Last week Thursday social media was abuzz with videos of cars being burnt and hit with various objects at Maponya Mall in Soweto by a crowd. E-hailing drivers were also said to be hurt during the incident.

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“This act of criminality has no place in the public transport industry and will not be tolerated. Law enforcement authorities must leave no stone unturned in bringing these criminals to book”, says the Minister.

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“It can never be acceptable that individuals in our society believe they can conduct business by the barrel of a gun with impunity.”

“We therefore call upon the leadership of the taxi industry to work with us and law enforcement authorities to rid the industry of this scourge of criminality”, implores Chikunga.

E-hailers vs Taxi Drivers

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It isn’t the first time e-hailing operators have clashed with taxi drivers and other public transport operators such as metered taxis. In 2017 Uber drivers has a number of their vehicles petrol bombed and drivers beaten by disgruntled metered taxi drivers around Gautrain stations in Gauteng.

A National Taxi Lekgotla held in 2020, resulted in members of the taxi industry rejecting any violence. The further distanced themselves from anyone who engages in acts of violence in elbowing out opponents.

Chikunga further adds that the Department plans to implement plans to regulate the ehailing industry and level out the playing field with metered taxis.

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“We are equally ready to tighten the regulatory framework inline with the resolutions of the National Taxi Lekgotla, and to throw the book at those who continue to perpetuate violence and undermine the rule of law”, says Chikunga.