train crash

Another Train Crash: Crash in Germiston leaves 200 injured

A train crash in Germiston is now the second crash to take place this week alone. Around 200 people have been injured in this latest incident.

train crash

Less than a week after the devastating Shosholoza Meyl train crash that left 19 people dead, another train crash is sending shockwaves across South Africa. The second crash took place on Tuesday morning as two trains collided and left over 200 people injured at the Geldenhuys train station in Germiston.

ER24 and other paramedics on the scene confirmed the news. Spokesperson Russel Meiring spoke to News24 about the crash.  He revealed that paramedics arrive and found that one of the carriages had detached but not overturned.

“Once the patients have been treated, they will be transported to various hospitals in the area for further treatment.

“The exact details surrounding this incident are not yet known, but local authorities are on the scene and will be launching an investigation into the matter,” Meiring added.

Early reports indicate that one train rear-ended the other. Social media is already abuzz with videos and pictures from the site of the crash. You can check those out below.

South Africans were left shocked and confused at the news, just a few days after the brutally fatal Meyl crash.