Two suspects get more time as

Two suspects get more time as CT court postpones human trafficking case

A woman in Milnerton, Cape Town, managed to escape the two suspects who had forced her into human trafficking. She is safe in the hands of the Hawks’ DPCI.

Two suspects get more time as

The two alleged human traffickers, John Chijoke Ndum and Ebellenna Agbim, have appeared at the Cape Town Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday after they were arrested last week on the charge of human trafficking.

The DPCI steps in to save the woman’s life

Officials of the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigations, working closely with the police in Milnerton, made the crucial arrest last week.

The arrests were prompted by a 26-year-old woman who, according to her own accounts, managed to escape from the two men who she believes were trying to kidnap and traffick her.

The DPCI is a division that operates under the guise of the Hawks. One of the areas the task force specializes in is human trafficking.

How are women lured into human trafficking?

The way it is understood, John, aged 35-years-old, and Ebellenna, aged 38-years-old, lured the woman by advertising a job opportunity.

She applied for the position and was assisted in travelling from Johannesburg to Cape Town, under the impression that she was competing for a fantastic opportunity.

However, it is only when she got to the location of the appointment that she realised that this was all a scam.

According to the DPCI, the woman was held against her will and forced into consuming drugs and selling her body.

The DPCI added that

“The victim was allegedly recruited under false pretences after she was offered a lucrative employment opportunity. She travelled from Johannesburg to Cape Town on 15 February 2018.”

A small victory in the fight against human trafficking

The authorities have confirmed that the woman is under strict supervision at a ‘safe house’.

The case of the two suspects has since been postponed until 4 September. Until then, authorities have confirmed that the suspects will remain in custody.

Milnerton is one of the many areas in Cape Town that is notorious for prostitution.

A number of women have been reported missing this year alone, and this woman is one of the few lucky ones who has managed to escape the firm grasp of human traffickers.