Tom Moyane

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Tom Moyane set to push Ramaphosa’s hand in court

Will he ever let it go?

Tom Moyane

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The troubled former commissioner of the South African Revenue Services (SARS) will yet again, approach the courts, to try and have his dismissal overturned.

President Cyril Ramaphosa, heeding the call of the retired Judge Robert Nugent, fired Moyane for his involvement in sinking the embattled revenue services.

Tom Moyane in brazen fightback to overturn Ramaphosa decision

Since then, Moyane has fought back in a cringe attempt to retain his position, never mind the fact that he was serving his suspension pending the outcomes of the Nugent commission as well as the internal disciplinary hearing that’s chaired by Advocate Azhar Bham.

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Nonetheless, Moyane will, on Tuesday, contest his application at the Pretoria High Court.

In his application, he criticises Ramaphosa for firing him and accuses the Nugent commission of making ‘irrational’ recommendations after it had heard testimonies from SARS’ employees about his alleged involvement in corruption and collusion.

“The recommendations are irrational and invalid for the primary reason that the issue of the individual employment contract of the applicant does fall within the ambit of the subject matter envisaged in the terms of reference,”

Moyane wrote in his application.

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Moyane’s last ditch attempt to save his job

According to a Mail & Guardian article (written by Sibongile Khumalo), Moyane is of the firm belief that the Nugent commission overreached its powers in recommending his axing.

This is Moyane’s last ditch attempt to throw a spanner in the works of Ramaphosa. In November, he had taken the president’s decision to fire him to the highest court in the land and was turned away.

How he thinks things will be any different in Pretoria stands to be seen when matters conclude.