Toll fees roads e-tolls prices

Photo: Flickr / TurnpikeP

Motorists, beware: Toll fees increase next week – here’s what you’ll now pay

Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula has now officially approved a price hike for toll fees on South Africa’s most popular routes – so, what’s the damage?

Toll fees roads e-tolls prices

Photo: Flickr / TurnpikeP

The cost of getting around South Africa is set to increase next week. A majority of toll fees on our busiest highways will rise from Monday, inconveniencing motorists even further. The hikes were given the green-light earlier today.

Toll fees to increase next week

Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula has now officially approved the 2021 toll tariffs as recommended by the South African National Roads Agency Limited (SANRAL). Costs will be adjusted on 1 March 2021, by 3.39%.

Toll fees for the N1, N2, N3, and N4 have also been declared for the following year. A majority of them are also going up, but the increase is still smaller than the one in place for e-tolls. The highest fee you’ll have to pay at a single booth in South Africa is at the Machado Plaza on the N4, which bills motorists R99 to pass through the barriers.

SANRAL say price hikes ‘necessary’

SANRAL, who have faced a wave of criticism for their road management and e-tolls approach, explained that the price increase remains in line with inflation, and those who enjoy discounts and certain exemptions won’t lose these privileges.

“The toll tariff amounts are adjusted by the annual Consumer Price Index (CPI) inflation rate and therefore remain the same in real terms and are effectively not increased above the base date toll tariff from when the toll was initially implemented. Discounts offered at specific toll plazas for frequent users, as well as qualifying local users still apply.”

“Toll roads allow for the borrowing of capital to develop road infrastructure when it is required, rather than having to wait until funds are available from an already strained fiscus.  Toll monies are used to maintain, operate and improve toll roads, as well as to service the debt incurred to implement a toll road project.”

SANRAL statement

How toll fees will change on our roads

The SANRAL toll road network represents 13.3% of the 22 253km national road network, and only 5% of the total South African road network. The adjustments were officially gazetted on Thursday 11 February – but how will this impact our journeys in real terms? Well, from next week, here’s how costs on two very popular routes will change:

Toll Plaza for N1
Cape Town – Joburg route
Cost for 2021Cost for 2020Extra costTotal increase
Toll Plaza for N3
Joburg – Durban route
Cost for 2021Cost for 2020Extra costTotal increase
De HoekR53.00R51.00R2.003.9%
Mooi RiverR55.00R53.00R2.003.8%